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If you’re using social media or any online presence to promote your ministry then you should know by now that video is vital to your brand. Video is the number one media type across all social platforms and more and more brands are taking notice. As a ministry you have to stay relevant in the social world and that means you have to be using video too.

For many ministries, this won’t be too hard. Perhaps you already shoot and record your sermons, and services. Perhaps you have somewhere on your site where your supporters can access the archive of your messages to view on-demand. This is all great and you shouldn’t stop doing any of it. However, if you really want people to stay engaged with you, there are few strategies you might consider to help drive people to not only view but also share your video content in the social world.

Bundle Your Shooting

If you already shoot photos or promotional videos consider shooting other media types and content at the same time. For example, if you’re shooting new photos for your next book, you should also have your video team at the shoot as well. Then you can capture promotional videos, behind the scenes b-roll and even a few interviews with you and other staff, if it’s applicable. This allows you to create more content for various platforms without all the hassle and cost of set-up and preparation. Additionally, by shooting both video and still images at the same time you can be sure to maintain the integrity of your brand with imagery that matches across media types.

Slice and Dice

Whenever you’re shooting video content, always ask yourself, “how many pieces of unique content can I make out of this?” For example, if you already shoot video of your services, can you repurpose a welcome from the stage to also serve as a welcome to visitors on your website? Or if you shoot an interview consider editing that interview into two or three separate interviews, each containing only portions of the larger interview, allowing you to have short clips on a variety of topics. Better yet, start cutting some of the most exciting segments of your messages or sermons into 1 minute clips that you can use as promotional material. This can serve you well when you’re directing supporters to your video on demand page or on your personal website. People love to see the little nuggets from church and this is an easy way to provide them!

Consider a Vlog

We already know you’re a great communicator but sometimes the best words of inspiration come to you when you’re not in front of those who need to hear it. Don’t let those moments go to waste. Capture them. You’d be surprised how much your supporters will enjoy real and raw moments with just and the iPhone in front of you. It doesn’t matter what platform you load these videos to but make sure you post them across all of your social networks for an instant way to connect and share what God is saying to you in the moment.

By incorporating the three strategies above you’ll position yourself and your ministry as relevant, easy to digest content creators in the social space. Even better than that is; your varied content will reach more people and provide them with an opportunity to learn more about what God is doing through you using the most important media of our time: Video.

CB Barthlow is an Elder at the Potter’s House Church of Denver, where leads the Young Adult Ministry LFTD. CB manages social media for many global brand & ministries; you can find him on Twitter & Instagram @cbbarthlow or on the web at



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